What Does a Women’s Wellness Visit Consist Of?

Women's health needs in Elk City, OK are different from men's. Dr. Natalie Patterson of Patterson Family Medicine and Obstetrics provides the wellness services that women want and need.

Pap Smear

A pap smear is a test that takes a sample from your cervix to be examined for cervical cancer. The test is done vaginally and while awkward, it is not painful. Cervical cancer doesn't have early symptoms, so it is important to test before you have any symptoms. 

Abdominal Exam

The doctor will press on your abdomen to feel your uterus and ovaries while inserting fingers in the vagina. If you have fibroids, your doctor should be able to feel them and any other abnormalities.  

Talk About Last Period

Depending on your age, this may be irrelevant, but if you are in the childbearing years, your period and any difficulties you are having with it will be discussed. 

Check Your Vital Signs

Part of any wellness visit is the more mundane but necessary checking of vital signs. This means listening to your heart and lungs, taking your temperature and measuring your blood pressure. Your ears, throat and eyes will also be examined. 


Your doctor may want to do some tests. You may be asked to have a blood test and to give a urine sample. These can be checked for cholesterol and for diabetes. 

Discuss Mental Health

Your doctor may want to discuss how you are feeling. Are you depressed?  What your doctor will discuss with you is influenced by your age. If you are younger, the questions will be different than if you are past menopause. 

Contact Dr. Patterson of Patterson Family Medicine and Obstetrics in Elk City, OK. when you need women's health care. We can be reached on the phone at (405) 578-5400

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